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Contract negotiations

celeb sighting: Florence Henderson 'nuff said.

Some guy at the gym asked me out last night and he e-mailed today. Here's his e-mail:

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celeb sighting: Florence Henderson 'nuff said.

Some guy at the gym asked me out last night and he e-mailed today. Here's his e-mail:

<<Just thought I'd send you a quick email to say "HI" and it was nice to officially meet you last night. What a great way to start the weekend. I know it was bizarre to introduce myself to you on the street. Sorry if that was a bit tacky or uncomfortable for you. I'm 3/4 Mexican and 1/4 Spanish...Most people would never suspect it though. What about you? What nationality are you? How is Monday night movie at my house? This weekend is a busy weekend for me as I have a friend in town and on Sunday i'm trying out for a gay softball league with a co-worker, so that'll be lots of fun. I have to admit, I love sports, especially football. Now, I know, very rare in most queens in
Can I call you sometime before then? Don't freak out when you see all the grey in my hair.
Oh, and one more thing..
I hope you don't mind us watching the movie in my bedroom as that's where my DVD player is...
Lets talk soon!

I responded with this:

<<Wow. You're a mexican!
I recently broke up with one of your "people". It was hard. Long term gay relationships are hard to maintain, and I knew there was something special when I met him last week. It was a really intense weeklong relationship that scared me. He collected teddy bears named after all of his ex-boyfriends. He had over 70. When we broke up I had to do it over Friendster. I was that scared of the confrontation. So these days, I'm into being friends with no expectations and seeing what happens. I'm trying to be mature, at least until I get drunk, or desperate, or handicapped.

good luck with the nelly softball league.

We don't know what nationality I am on my mom's side because my grandma was a hooker. seriously. On my dads I'm scottish. So I guess I'm half european, half corner of 6th and broadway.

Hey Gary, wanna hear something sexy?

I wasn't supposed to move back to LA at all. I was coming down to Hollywood last week for a showcase and then I ended up getting an audition and a pitch meeting, so I decided on a whim to just stay here. My family is THRILLED! I lost on the pitch and who knows on the audition, but I'm still here. Now what, you say?

Here's what. I live in my friends mom's herbalife office on ventura/whitsett. IT HAS A SHOWER and a toaster. And herbalife. I have all the shakes I need. jealous? hmm?

I hang out all day at starbucks e-mailing old friends from when I lived here before and worked in production begging for a break. I applied today at Baja Fresh, 24 hour fitness, Coffee Bean, A lifeguard Station (I dont know if they're hiring, I just nailed a resume into the ladder).

I tell you all of this for two reasons. If you like your friends to have really awesome jobs and know, a residentially zoned bedroom, maybe we can still be pen pals. And, if you still want to hang out (because you hate yourself), it's gotta be cheap. So, a movie at the house is cool. But I will talk through it unless...oh hey. I've been wanting to see some old movies that I've never seen. Which of these haven't you seen? Breakfast at Tiffanys, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Vertigo, The Bad Seed, etc? I never see movies so pretty much any would be new to me.

I promise outside of the whole homeless thing, I am driven (toward impending failure), college educated, haven't tied my pregnant wife to an anchor, and really like to read (Stereo instruction booklets).

I'd rather not talk on the phone. I need to conserve my instrument.

My pubes are gray so no worries. Move your dvd player to the laundry room please. I like the scent of fabric softener.>>

Why must I sacrifice suave for stupid? We have a date on Monday.
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