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Sarah. sixteen. dallas, texas.
love music. dashboard confessional, further seems forever, bright eyes, death cab for cutie, brand new, pedro the lion, taking back sunday, the faint, the smiths, neutral milk hotel, the postal service, desaparecidos, sunny day real estate, toadies. the list goes on.
also love poetry, especially Charles Bukowski. my favorite poem of his is "I Met a Genius" it's in my userinfo if you care to read it. I also write my own poetry, it's not the best but it means something to me.
I'm anti-war, a pacifist, non-violence. all of that junk. and very politically passionate.
aside from music, what means most to me is my mother. seems corny, but it's true. she's my best friend.

if that's not enough about me..

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