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Of crying eyes and egotistic monologues

the abstract emo kid

Abstract Emo
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Hey, I am vulchre, the mod/creater of this community.

This is a community for emo kids who are abstract thinkers, people who have reached formal operational intelligence, kids who want to boast about themselves (with good reason and in moderation) and about their achievements either in academics, art, or music. This will also be a place for people from 14-17 to discuss philosophy or the philosophy they find behind emo music lyrics.

- Please read the few rules before joining the community.

1. You must be between fourteen and seventeen years old. Do not lie about your age.
2. Must listen to some kind of "emo" music.
3. If someone says something rude to you, take it in your stride. Feel free to make an alternative argument but do not start pointless fights. Turn the other cheek, if necessary.
4. Do not join the community without introducing yourself, join and introduce yourself within a reasonable amount of time. We want to get to know you.
5. Do not stray too far from the topics (there is leeway, of course). Topics of discussion include but are not limited to philosophy and emo music (ideas or expression of/about the reason for lyrics).

Examples of philosophically-relevant topics are ones involving stolen from philosophy's infopage:

- aesthetics (art, music, beauty, etc.)
- epistemology (reason, faith, logic, intuition, relativism, objectivism, etc.)
- ethics (right and wrong, virtues, etc.)
- logic (syllogisms, predicate logic, logical fallacies, etc.)
- metaphysics (god, time, existence, being, etc.)
- semantics (meaning, language, numbers, etc.)

If you have a picture of yourself, post it with your first entry (no nudity, no bikini pictures, ass shots, or otherwise inappropriate content) when you introduce yourself with where you live and some information about yourself, this way the other members of the community are able to get to know you alittle. :)

If you feel that you'd like me to add some things to the Interests list or to the info page in general, just contact me and I will do so gladly.

If I find you doing something inappropriate, such as starting fights with other members, I will ban you. I will also ban you if you post many entries which are off topic. This is only in extreme cases, there are three warnings first.

That's it for now. Though this is a new community, I have put these severe rules because of the fact that I have seen the kind of things that go on/happen in other communities. If you find any of these rules too harsh, please contact me and I will be glad to modify them in moderation.

The most important thing is making new friends and expressing your views. Start a new conversation!

This community is my copy of abstractthought, this is a place for emo kids or kids just interested in emo music in general to talk about philosophy. The first entry is just your introduction to the community, a picture or two (if you have them), a few interesting things about yourself that you'd like to share or boast about which you don't usually get to tell people. If you decide to list your bands, try listing just a few, instead of an extensive list of bands. This is a community for abstract thinkers, this is not just another community for emo kids!